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Reset & Revitalize

Take control of

your health with a 

Free Range Juice Ritual


Cleansing with raw Free Range Juice gives your system a chance to breathe. 

Our carefully selected combination of six essential juices, mylks and wellness shot will help you guide your cleanse. While we recommend following our numbered order, the number one rule is to listen to your body. Every Free Range Cleanse includes instructions and tips for success. 


We Offer Several Cleanse Options:

1. The EXPLORER – a great “all levels” mix of green and fruit juices along with our signature cashew nut mylk.

2. The SEEKER – an "intermediate cleanse that focuses more on green juices, but also includes some fruit and nut mylk.

3. The ADVENTURER – all-green option, and great for the more advanced juicer. If you’ve never done a juice cleanse, we recommend starting with The 3-day EXPLORER.

4. BUILD YOUR OWN – want to craft your own cleanse? Select a combination of 6 juices or nut mylks and 1 shot for your custom reset!

Download Our Free Range Ritual Guide Here



Why Cleanse?


There are several possible benefits to a juice cleanse.

1. Flush out toxins & impurities

Drinking a day or more of nutrient-dense juices can help the body release harmful toxins and replenishes your vitamins and minerals.

2. Reset your cravings & jumpstart a healthier lifestyle

Coming off a period of excess? Feel like the junk food's been taking over? A juice cleanse can help lessen your dependence on refined carbohydrates.

3. Give your digestive system a break

Breaking down food is hard work. By cleansing, you give your digestive system a break from processing complex foods like meat and dairy, freeing up resources in the body to heal and reset.

4. Feel better

While everyone is different, juice cleanses have been known to bring mental clarity, energy, improved sleep, better digestion & even glowing skin.

5. Find your own why

Embarking on a cleanse is highly personal, while we can offer guidance and general benefits, what you feel in your own body is completely unique to you. Maybe you're doing this to support a friend, reset after a holiday or simply like a good challenge. Whatever it is, give yourself a pat on the back for your effort and dedication!



Simple answer: whenever works for you!

Our 3-day cleanse is the most versatile and gives you the best opportunity to revitalize and detox. Looking for a quick little reset – try a 1-day. The frequency is up to you, some people like to cleanse one day a week, every week, others once a month, quarterly or as needed. We just request a 3-day advanced order so we can have your fresh juice ready!


We also offer a Cleanse Membership, where you can get a monthly cleanse at a discounted rate - learn more here!


No substitutions on cleanses. Cleanse pick up available Tuesday-Saturday.

Minimum 3-day advanced order needed. 


To get started, call us at (757) 208-0563 or order online.

Who might not want to cleanse?

Pregnant or nursing women and children. If you have a medical condition, are pre or post surgery or are taking medication, we recommend discussing a cleanse with a health professional first. We are not medical professionals and all cleanse are done at your own risk.

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