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Wildly Simple Wellness

Free Range is Wild.

Free Range is Simple.

Free Range is Free to Be

Whatever You Make It.


Because we're placed in enough boxes in our lives.

We have enough stuff we're expected to do, places we have to be.

At Free Range Juice, you're free to be whatever you want, uncaged & without judgement. 


We know maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be tricky. It can be confusing. Sometimes it's just plain inconvenient. We want to make it a little easier for you to make a good choice, take control of what you eat, practice a little self care.


We want to make health wildly simple, so cozy up on our comfy couch with a good book and wellness latte, munch on delicious avocado toast while you answer emails at the bar, reconnect with your tribe while sipping on smoothies.


1. More Than Simple - It's Wildly Simple 


Each ingredient is clearly listed on our menu. By focusing on ingredients with no preservatives, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, hormones or antibiotics, we're keeping our offerings simple. Ordering seasonal items from local farms helps reduce our carbon footprint and link dollars back to our community. We choose the best wild (as in real fruit and veggies) ingredients with the best health benefits, keeping it easy and tasty.

2. Looking for a Particular Health Benefit?

We try to list out possible benefits to each item, but you can always ask our knowledgeable staff  – if we don't have an answer, we'll get it for you!

3. More than Just Juice – On Site Integrative Wellness

Throughout the year we host various workshops and demonstrations as part of our Humble Learner Series, helping you expand your health horizon.


Visit our Community Page for upcoming events calendar.

Our Mission

Free Range Juice is Making Healthy Attainable

Our Vision

Eat Real. Feel Good. Live Better.

What We Value

Humble Learning

We believe you never stop learning and don't pretend to know everything. At Free Range Juice we are always looking to expand our knowledge and share with you. 


We want to empower all Free Rangers to
own their own health. That's why total transparency is vital to our story. Curious about where our ingredients come from? 
Want to learn more about our juicer? Just ask! 

Community Connection

Local isn't just a buzzword it's who we are and our community is central to all we do. We value local partnerships and truly believe we all succeed when we work together. We are always open to ways to give back.


We have incredibly high standards. We consciously source ingredients and believe in consistency and quality of our products, people and promises. 


We vibrate at a high frequency. When we say "Joy" we think fun, wonder, that childlike sense of curiosity and exploration. True joy is fulfilling and revitalizing and we bring this value into all we do.


Respect for each other, ourselves and our world. That's why we take incredible care with each person, decision, recipe and every little thing that goes into our store.

The GLOW Manifesto





and take one small positive step to wellness. It's simple – one good decision quickly leads
to more. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, grab a green juice instead of a bag of chips.

of unreasonable expectations, judgement and self-doubt. Practice self-care. 

Be who you are, unapologetically and then build your intentions, your community,
your life around that.

Move forward with passion, drive and determination. Anything worth having takes some work

and we work tirelessly to provide you with the best tasting, quality juices, smoothies, toasts and

more to help you live up to your goals.


Three yogis walk into a juice bar...

Katy, Lauren and Kelsey met through the yoga studio Katy owns, Studio South. Drawn together by a mutual love of down dog, healthy living and a hearty avocado toast, they decided to open a juice bar (conveniently located next door to Studio South). 

Each bringing something unique to the table, the ladies share the philosophy that has become the core of Free Range Juice: Real Food Without Judgement. With kids, work, and the myriad of obligations that go with "adulting," they absolutely understand the difficulty of maintaining a healthy lifestyle 24/7. They created Free Range Juice to be the place where anyone can come in and feel comfortable. A place where it's easy to make a good decision that gives a boost and helps to reset and revitalize. 

Business is in Katy's blood. For as long as she can remember she has loved the way business is essentially an ever changing puzzle. Katy attended Virginia Tech and achieved a degree in Finance with a concentration in Risk Management. While her love numbers and of course math have helped her build a business, its her passion for people, connections and community that have made her a success.

When Katy stumbled upon yoga in 2010, she began to realize the amazing scope of the world of health, wellness and all things "woo woo." An avid traveler, Katy found herself visiting juice bars at each new destination, eventually triggering her entrepreneurial spirit into thinking, we need this in Williamsburg!  The rest, as they say, was history.

Katy was born and raised in Williamsburg, and keeps herself moderately busy as owner of Studio South, board member of the Studio South Foundation and wrangling her large family that includes her husband Peter, four kids, two dogs, two cats, a few goats and mini cow. 

There is nothing Lauren loves more than talking to people about the benefits of food and how it can improve lives like it has hers. 


In her mid twenties she was living in Colorado, loving life with a diet consisting of to-go meals, caffeine and sugar, causing skin conditions, allergies and affecting her energy levels.


As these issues worsened, anxiety developed. Around this time she decided to jump into yoga teaching training. She started to seek out acupuncturists, an herbalist, and a naturopath – anything to make her feel better. This is when she first started making juice at home. Trying to cut sugar and alcohol out of her diet lead her on a three year journey of healing herbs, learning to cook and loving herself as a new hobby. The anxiety went away, her skin started to glow and she knew this was her new, improved normal. 


Lauren believes high quality juices and eating real food can increase vitality and wellbeing. Free Range Juice creates the perfect platform for delivering this message.  


Born in Louisville and raised in Tampa, Lauren has a degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Florida and currently resides in Lanexa with her husband Mike and two beautiful dogs Luna and Riley. 

Kelsey grew up in the world of health. When other kids feasted on peanut butter and fluff and Doritos, her lunch was filled with quinoa burgers and cucumber slices (much to her 10-year old self's chagrin). It took about a decade for her to fully embrace her own food & health philosophy, but when she finally did, she entered the world of wellness with a vengeance. From teaching yoga to recipe development, Kelsey loves learning and growing her health profile.

Kelsey owns marketing consulting firm Adagio Marketing and manages the Free Range Juice brand, creative and communications. 

Born in Seattle, Kelsey lived in San Diego and Montana when she was young, spending the majority of her childhood in Asheville, North Carolina. An Elon University alum, she moved to Williamsburg in 2012 and spends her free time with husband Michael and son Augie and daughter Quinn.


Katy Henderson



Lauren Williams.jpg

Lauren Hallczuk



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Kelsey Sanders



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